Extreme Weight loss Diet | Full day of Eating– 1100 Calories Diet Plan Help to Lose 10 Kg

Extreme Weight loss Diet | Full day of Eating– 1100 Calories Diet Plan Help to Lose 10 Kg

Hello..! everyone how are you all hope you all are good and doing well. I'm going to share with you a full day plan which can easily make you lose 10 kg. This is extreme fat loss light this isn't any fad diet but a very balanced look and every Indian meal plan. The recipes in this plan are very simple very Indian nothing fancy. I will leave this very comprehensive not only I will guide you on how to prepare each meal but also the ideal time for the workout so sit back enjoy and get ready to kill that extra fat.

Extreme Weight loss Diet & Tips need to be followed as mentioned below:

    Ø  First the thing in the morning still in bed drink one big glass of warm water drink it slowly watch your system getting activated warm water will kick start your metabolism is extremely important for fat loss. I put boiling water in the Thermo sealed bottle night before so that I have warm water on my backside in the morning which I drink very slowly, I took 5-10 minutes to drink warm water.

    Ø  Second the thing now jump out of the bed freshen up and get ready for a workout 20minutes of strength training at home or gym followed by 10 minutes of ABS and Cardio is good enough to let your body cool down for the next meal preparation which is A very important meal of the day.

    Ø  Third the thing now get ready first take and cut all your favorite vegetables put on the flame and in a pan add a little water tossing the veggies add salt to taste and let them boil for 2 minutes once this is done put the flame on low now add ginger black pepper and turmeric mix it well adds finely chopped capsicum and half a cup of oats finally add tomatoes and 70 grams of paneer(cottage cheese) for protein make sure not to overcook the vegetables that are all garnish it with fresh coriander leaves and adds lemon juice also a superfood especially when your goal is the fat loss they are an excellent source of complex carbohydrates high in protein and fiber, they will keep you full for a longer period of time. So, now enjoy the breakfast and the next meal will be lunch meal.

Extreme Weight loss Diet

    Ø  Forth the thing now it’s time for 2nd meal of the day which is lunch meal and it’s should be four to five hours after breakfast however if you feel hungry between breakfast and lunch drink water if that doesn't fill you up you can have one cup of hot green tea along with apple orange banana chiku or any other seasonal food and now it's lunchtime and for lunch, people have one whole-wheat roti along with 1 Katori of black chana and 1 Katori of this delicious cucumber mint raita. Right now let us check out its preparation put on the gas and in a cooker add just a little water add finely chopped onions ginger tomato and saute them together for a minute now add salt turmeric cinnamon powder and black pepper mix them well now we will add black chana which could be soaked the previous night or early in the morning add water as per your liking now put on the lid keep the flame on high until the cooker whistles now let the chana curry simmer for about 15 to 20 minutes meanwhile we'll make Raita by simply adding freshly grated cucumber and mint leaves season it with black pepper and jeera powder and 1 chapati which is same in almost every Indian home so by this time black chana curry is also cooked finally garnish it with fresh coriander leaves the trick is to eat it slowly chew it give your food it's due attention if you feel that this lunch is not enough for you to wait as our brain takes 15 minutes to register the feeling of fullness I will see you for an evening snack.

    Ø  Fifth the thing is this evening snack is easy to carry highly nutritious and balanced all you will need is 3 to 4 dried figs(Anjir) 8 to 10 almonds and 1 small piece of fruit of your choice I can spend the whole day talking about the health benefits of dry figs(Anjir) almonds are an excellent source of healthy fats which will cut the bad fat from your body fruits are high in vitamins which is essential for fat loss so overall a low calorie but filling and excellent snack option after this evening snack there is dinner time.

Extreme Weight loss Diet

     Ø  Sixth the thing now it is dinner time and for dinner, we will have one big bowl of mixed all along with a vegetable salad for best results have your dinner 3 hours before going to sleep also in this tight avoid roti and rice at night let us check out it's the quick recipe just like we did for lunch add a little water in a bucket add freshly chopped onions salt black pepper turmeric and cinnamon powder also add ginger curry leaves and tomatoes now add about 60 grams of mixed dal put a lot of water which will be helpful for fat loss put on the lid and let it simmer for about 15 minutes meanwhile we'll make a salad just keep it very simple cut your favorite vegetables and season it with a pinch of salt black pepper and lemon it should be ready by this time and so is your nutrition packed in a simple quick and healthy isn't it mix dal will not only give you the required carbohydrates but also all the essential amino acids one serving of vegetable salad is of course very important to cut the lower belly fat if at all you feel hungry after this meal, you can have a half-glass of hot turmeric milk.

     Ø  Last thing one or before going to sleep turmeric milk is a well-known detox easy to implement.

Full-Day of Eating [Extreme Fat Loss] Macros

1100 Kcal
125 g
53 g
30 g
40 g

Follow this diet for 30 days without cheating and I promise you will see a significant difference in your body fat percentage however it can easily be your diet forever if you found this Blog helpful and would like to ask if you have any suggestion and quires regarding this post please comment below or contact us via email.


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