Hey, guys welcome to Health Oh Fitness. I hope you all are Safe and at home in this Pandemic Situation of COVID-19. So in today's blog, I will be sharing a Vegetarian Best Diet Plan for Weight Loss.

Your Best Diet Plan for Weight Loss shouldn't be something that you follow for a week or a month and then get back to your regular routine instead it should be a lifetime habit, now why I am saying this is because I've seen people doing crash dieting literally fasting to lose weight rapidly and then they get back to the normal eating habits gaining more weight instead of this try to make a Healthy Diet Plan which you can easily follow.

You don't really need to restrict yourself from eating the foods you like, you just have to make sure that whatever you eat is healthy and when it's not so healthy to have it in moderation or occasionally keeping your Health and Weight Loss in mind for example if you plan to have dinner at a restaurant try to eat Healthy Breakfast and Healthy Lunch with lots of Proteins and Veggies to balance out the evening dinner.
This way you can try to Lose Weight and also maintain the Weight that you have lost.

Ajwain water, Ajwain is also known as Carrom Seeds or Oma have amazing health benefits it's very good for acidity, helps to cure kidney stone, constipation and it is an excellent drink for those people who want to Lose Weight also a woman who suffer from excessive bleeding or irregular periods can have Ajwain water this is very good for breastfeeding moms too.

You can take a tablespoon of these seeds on an empty stomach followed by a glass of warm water or you can roast 2 tablespoons of these seeds then add it to water and boil well till the color changes to brown then strain it and have it on an empty stomach.

Fenugreek water, Fenugreek is also known as Methi has excellent health benefits as well as having a glass of fenugreek water in the morning lowers your cholesterol level and control diabetes this is also one of the amazing ingredient post-pregnancy for breastfeeding moms to stimulate milk production. To make fenugreek water soak 1 tablespoon of Methi seeds in a cup of water in the morning, you can strain it and then have it on an empty stomach. 1200 Calories Weight Loss Diet Plan


So here is the diet plan it's always good to have dry fruits before your breakfast in my diet plan I have mentioned 1 fig also known as anjeer and 3 peeled Almonds that were soaked overnight both of these are very healthy. Figs are very high in fiber content and hence they can help control hunger level and reduce your cravings. Figs are also good during pregnancy and breastfeeding as they are rich in calcium a single dried fig contains almost as much calcium as an egg but figs also have a very high-calorie count and when consumed with milk they can also result in weight gain so does not overeat.

Almonds contain a lot of healthy fats fibers, proteins, and vitamins. In my diet plan, I have mentioned 1/2cup pineapple slices. Pineapples have amazing health properties to name a few they can help Heal wounds and protect against infections. They can help prevent Arthritis which is nothing but joint pain or joint disease and they can help in weight loss too.

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Then comes 3 mix dal dosa without rice and oil or you can use very less oil these dosa are filled with protein and a very good choice for breakfast.

How to make Mix Dal Dosa


1 cup white urad dal
1 cup moong dal
1/2 cup chana dal
1/2 cup green moong dal
You can use any dal of your choice.


Wash all the dal well and soak overnight or for few hours with enough water drain well and grind them using a half a cup of water or till the desired consistency is reached, add salt and now they are ready to prepare medium-sized dosa.

You can have these with 5 tbsp mint chutney also known as pudina chutney or coriander chutney. Mint is very good for your health as a mid-morning snack you can have half cup roasted chickpeas also known as white chana these are protein-rich food for vegetarians they can provide an amount of protein comparable to that of meat or Dairy Foods without the high cholesterol or saturated fats or you can have an apple which is also very healthy.

For lunch, you can have 1 whole-grain Chapati keep it dry and half cup Brown Rice both of these are low in calories and rich in fiber you can have it with a half cup of Bhindi curry also known as ladyfinger or any vegetable curry of your choice. Bhindi controls diabetes, relieves constipation, prevents anemia, and hence it is very good even during pregnancy.



Then after a gap of 2 hours, you can have your evening drink for this you can have 1 whole tender coconut water. Tender coconut contains natural sugar vitamins and minerals and is an excellent drink to hydrate your body and it’s also very soothing.

For dinner, you can have 1 cup brown rice vegetable Pulao since vegetables are rich in fibre and are very healthy you can have it with raita and one cup cucumber and carrot slices both of these are very healthy and very light. Then if you feel like drinking think you can have one cup of warm milk make sure to use skimmed milk you can add half a tablespoon of turmeric to this makes sure to use turmeric in your everyday cooking. Turmeric helps to quickly Heal wounds post-delivery also helps in weight loss, regulates blood sugar, control diabetes and relieves from pelvic pain post-delivery.

The total calories in week 1 diet plan is 1390 Calories


Here is the diet plan for week 2

Early morning you can have 4 peeled almonds that were soaked overnight, 2 walnuts, and one tablespoon flax seeds. Since these are rich in fiber they can help in weight loss. Flax seeds have anti-viral and antibacterial properties. They are high in fiber and hence aids in constipation and also very good for weight loss.

For breakfast, you can have one cup of watermelon cubes. Watermelons are low in calories and rich in vitamins and minerals.

Then comes 3 Rava idli also known as suji or semolina. These are low in calories and easily digestible you can have these with 1/2cup onion tomato chutney or anything that you want then you can have tea coffee you can use skimmed milk with or without sugar or you can have green tea as a mid-morning snack you can have one cup of mixed fruit salad. Here I have mentioned pomegranates, banana strawberry, and grapes. Pomegranate is rich in vitamins and minerals they help in weight loss. They contain Folic acid and they are very good during pregnancy also they prevent anemia, reduces stress levels, soothes your stomach improves your immunity, cures diabetes, and also prevent cancer. Bananas are rich in calcium they also treat morning sickness during pregnancy support a healthy heart, promote eye health, and aids in weight loss. Strawberries are rich in antioxidants they help fight bad cholesterol and hence help in weight management strawberries is also very good for pregnant women. Grapes increase good cholesterol they have anti-aging properties, helps in weight loss fights diabetes, and so on.


For lunch you can have one cup mixed sprouts pulao here I have mentioned green gram, peas, Channa. You can use any sprout of your choice.

As a mid-evening drink, you can have a glass of carrot juice .Carrots are low in Calories and cleanse your body.

Then comes dinner you can have 2 whole-grain chapatis with half cup moong dal Methi gravy. Whole grain chapatis are rich in fiber and low in calories. Moong dal is also in carrying when compared to toor dal.

The total calories in the week 2 diet plan are 1300 Calories.


This is the week 3 diet plan.

Early morning you can have one glass of carrot Apple Ginger smoothie carrots and Apples are low in calories and rich in vitamins and minerals. Ginger speeds up your metabolism and promotes detoxification to prepare the smoothie you will need 2carrots, 1 apple, and grated Ginger. You can also add the juice of half a lemon. Blend it well and enjoy your smoothie.

For breakfast have to 2 Ragi dosa also known as finger millets. Ragi helps in weight loss, control diabetes, reduces cholesterol, increases your bone strength and it's very good for lactating mothers to increase lactation.

As a mid-morning snack instead of having junk you can have 1/4th cup of roasted peanuts without oil and salt. Peanuts are rich in protein and it can also prevent weight gain.

Then comes your lunch for lunch you can have 1 bowl mixed vegetable soup it's always good that you steamed vegetables than cooking them in the pressure cooker because steaming vegetables retains the nutrients. Then you can have 1 cup curd rice for this you can use long grain brown basmati rice to make it tasty you can add tadka and pomegranates to this or anything that you want just to make it healthy and tasty.

As evening snack you can have half cup papaya slices or masala buttermilk, low-calorie biscuits based on the nutrition value or you can have tea or coffee.

For dinner you can have palak which is also known as spinach stuffed chapati. Spinach is rich in antioxidants and high in fiber so they can easily help in weight loss. You can have it with raita and cucumber slices as they are low in calories and very good for weight loss.

The total calories in the week 3 diet plan are 1350 Calories.

Even the non-vegetarians can follow this diet plan just replace your veggies with chicken or fish or any meal you like.

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